Are you looking for some online affiliate programs to help you earn some extra cash?

Affiliate Marketing can be categorized into a few different categories. These categories all fall under two different types, pay-per-click and pay-per-performance. Either method you choose, you should definitely use an affiliate marketing system.

Online Affiliate Programs: Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click (aka PPC) is probably one of the more popular affiliate marketing strategies and also one of the easiest. It doesn’t generate a ton of money but great for the small time blogger just looking to help pay for some of the hosting fees and costs of running a website.

You, as the affiliate, will place text ads, banner ads, or both on your website. When a visitor see one of those ads and clicks it, you make a tiny commission regardless if the visitor actually bought something on the other page, kinda like Google Adsense.

Online Affiliate Programs: Pay-Per-Performance

This pay-per-performance type is more popular with the bigger affiliate programs. From our previous example of text ads and banner ads, you would only get paid when the visitor clicks on the ad and then purchases the product on the other page. No money is paid for the click. They have to take action or preform some kind of action.

Make sense?

The commission from the sales range anywhere from 15% – 50% on the high end. There is only one affiliate marketing system that I know of that pays 100% and it is a game changer! It allows anyone, regardless of experience to earn money like a guru without having to be one.

Now these online affiliate programs can be paid on 1 or even 2 or more levels (or tiers) deep. This is referred to as a multi-tier affiliate. You can also be paid every single month for subscription affiliates, known as residual income affiliates.

*Hint: Get as many of these as you can, preferably one’s that pay 100% and that pays from other people’s efforts on a monthly basis.

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The Better Online Affiliate Programs

Online Affiliate Programs: 1, 2, & Multi-Tier

In a single tier pay plan, the affiliate only gets paid for the visitors you refer to the product.

In a two-tier pay plan, the affiliate not only earn commissions from your efforts, but also smaller commission based on the sales of the person they brought in. This allows you get paid indirectly without having to do any more work.

The multi-tier pay plan is similar to the two-tier plan but pays multiple levels deep.

Online Affiliate Programs: Residual Income

Ahh, the best of online affiliate programs in my opinion. Do the work once and get paid every single month like clock-work. With the residual income pay plan, you sell a subscription based service that your visitor pays monthly for. So every single month, you get a percentage of that service fee.

Now, if you could only find an online affiliate program that paid high commissions. I mean really high, let’s say 100% commissions. And let’s say these commissions were paid out monthly AND you got paid from the efforts of the people that you introduced to the product. And that they introduced to the product and so on.

That would be the mother of all affiliate programs.

Wouldn’t you agree?

What if I told you such an online affiliate program exists and it only costs $25 to get started?

It’s real and it has paid out over 2 million dollars in affiliate commissions to it’s members in just 56 days.

Did you get any of it?

What are you waiting for? Let’s start making lot’s of money together.

Let’s make it happen,

James "King of Online Affiliate Programs" Downing

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Stop wasting time and money on home business opportunity leads and cold calling FOREVER!

With so many companies like My Lead Company and countless others popping up, along with all the genealogy lists you can buy, you may be tempted to purchase some home business opportunity leads.


Learn how to drive an endless stream of traffic to your website for FREE! And it’s not that hard once you learn the secret.

This ‘secret’ is a strategy known as Attraction Marketing. A simple concept that attracts leads to you, instead of you chasing friends and family members around or cold calling store bought home business opportunity leads that don’t convert worth crap.

To do this, you need to understand who our target market is as network marketers and put yourself in front of those people. In short, our target market is other network marketers and product consumers (people who are buying vitamins, gold and silver, juices, etc).

 Home Business Opportunity Leads Are Good For ONE Thing Only

If you already bought home business opportunity leads, don’t worry, it’s not a complete waste of money.

You should still call them and at least get some practice prospecting and talking to leads. It will give you some experience in hearing some of the common objections and how to handle certain situations.

So practice, practice, practice with the home business opportunity leads that you have already bought, but don’t expect to convert many of them to distributors.

You’re probably 1 of 10 other marketers that contacted them in the past week. But like I said, it’ll give you some practice with being on the phone and handling objections.

How To Get Your Own Home Business Opportunity Leads

You can generate your own home business opportunity leads very easily, and I want to show you how.

First, watch these 7 FREE videos by clicking here. These will teach you the foundational principles to attraction marketing.

Second, click on of the banners on this page (you know, the ones that change as you hover over them at the top, side, or bottom) and watch that video, or just click here. This video will reveal how to monetize those leads and really jump start your online marketing career.

Once you start generating home business opportunity leads, you need to find out what their problems are and offer solutions to them, rather than just pitching them your opportunity right away.

This will not only help you earn some up  front cash to help offset advertising costs, but it will also filter out the buyers from the tire kickers. Then you recruit those buyers into your primary company.

I hope this helped and made sense to you. It is the best way that I have found to do business online.

Now let’s attract some home business opportunity leads!

Let’s make it happen,

James "Doesn't Buy Home Business Opportunity Leads" Downing

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There are many benefits to working from home with your internet marketing affiliate program.

For one, you are your own boss and you can work as little or as much as you want. This allows you to escape the typical 9 to 5 job that so many others are programmed to do.

Working from home also allows for my time with your family. No more drives to and from work. You can work in your pajamas if you want to (like I do most days) and no one can say a thing!

And although there are many benefits to having your own internet marketing affiliate program business and working from home, you need to be very disciplined and organized.

There can be a lot of distractions at home, so having a plan or a schedule in place to let everyone know when your business hours are is crucial to success. This will allow you to stay focused and not be distracted easily.

Here are some basic tips for just starting out in your internet marketing affiliate program.

Internet Marketing Affiliate Program Tips

First, set your own hours that you will work everyday. Whether you work better in the morning or at night, schedule when you feel you will be the most productive. Working from home can require a lot of time, especially if you are just starting out.

If possible, you should have your own office or workspace where you can work interruption free. Although you can wear whatever you want when you work, you still need to have a designated, organized work environment. This will increase your productivity and help grow your business even faster.

You’re also going to need some tools to succeed online. You’re going to need your own computer, obviously, high speed internet, and a phone (Skype works too). These are the minimum requirements.

There are other tools and software that will drastically help and reduce your work load, but I don’t want to overwhelm you just starting out.

If you were just like me when I started, you’re going to want to devote as much time as humanly possible to growing your internet marketing affiliate program. That’s great!

Just don’t forget to exercise your body as well as your mind. You can work long hours throughout the day and night, so remember to take breaks and exercise frequently. And get plenty of rest!

This last tip is probably the most important. Interact (or mastermind) with other marketers and get a mentor, someone that can help you along and that you can learn from in the early stages.

Masterminding is so important to growing as an entrepreneur as well as growing your business.

Using these tips, you can succeed in your internet marketing affiliate program without a doubt.

Let’s make it happen,

James Downing

PS – If you’re a little more advance, you should look at using an affiliate marketing system to scale your business.

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Looking for some of the best apps for college students?

There are many things you need as a college student to keep from going insane. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Well, to keep track of all of your assignments and not fall behind, you need to have a good study schedule. And while you’re not studying or working on your affiliate marketing system, you need a way to connect with friends and family in a way that is fast and easy.

This is one of the reasons so many people nowadays have smart phones or iPhones. They can text, video chat, and even Facebook right from their phones. One of the best things about having these smart phones are the different apps you can download.

For a college student, here is an app that you want to have for the weekend. It’s called Ajax Bartender. It allows you to make over 40,000 different alcoholic drinks. But that’s not the cool part. Definitely one of the best apps for college students who like to party.

The cool part is it allows you to choose your drinks based on what ingredients you want to put in it. For example, let’s say someone wants to drink Tequila but have no idea how to make the different kinds of drinks that has Tequila in it.

What Ajax Bartender allows you to do, is choose Tequila, and then you can pick what other ingredients you want to mix with it

After you choose what you want to mix it with, a screen pops up with a list of all the drinks how to make them with the selected ingredients. Pretty handy for those nights that get you thinking what you want to drink that night.

Best Apps For College Students Who Don’t Like To Party

Don’t worry if you don’t drink, I have another app that’s great for you too!

This app will more than likely actually help you with school work, regardless of which major you are in. This app allows you to leave your big, clunky, scientific calculator at home. It’s called Belfry SciCalc and it turns your iPhone into a scientific calculator.

Whether you need a calculator for Algebra, Trig functions, or even standard math problems, this app solve anything you throw at it.

You have enough to worry about as a college student, so make things simpler with these apps. I know there are many more best apps for college students, but I really like these two and thought you might as well.

Let’s make it happen,

James Downing

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Best Apps For College Students

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